News and Updates

Happy 4th of July! - Date 07/03/2020

With the 4th of July weekend knocking on our doors, we want to wish all our amazing residents at Cypress Point Apartments a happy and safe Independence Day!

Find The Right Home - Date 06/30/2020

Not one, but two hot tubs are waiting for you at Cypress Point. Check out our complete list of amenities and call us for more details!

Global Beatles Day - Date 06/25/2020

Hey Jude, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Yellow Submarine, are songs that we always find ourselves humming, and now you have one extra reason to listen to your favorite song from the famous Liverpool band and enjoy #BeatlesDay in style!

Morning Rituals - Date 06/23/2020

For some, it’s the taste of freshly brewed coffee. For others, it’s ten minutes of meditation – No matter the ritual, we all have a favorite way of waking up. What’s yours?

Summer Drinks - Date 06/19/2020

Summer tastes better with a cool drink in hand. We swear by refreshing infusions of cucumber, mint or lime to add extra zing to your water.

Apartment Decor - Date 06/16/2020

High ceilings don’t just make the whole space feel larger and brighter; they also make it easy to hang your favorite art on the walls!

Grateful For You! - Date 06/12/2020

If there’s someone we need to thank during these difficult times, it’s our outstanding Cypress Point team that is always there for our residents!

Shop Local - Date 06/09/2020

Shopping local and opting for Ventura-based businesses is one of the easiest ways to support our community—Share your favorite one with us!

Green Living - Date 06/04/2020

A green lifestyle sounds very fancy, but it’s actually very easy to care for the environment with some simple steps like recycling, buying from local grocers, and taking public transportation or walking to work whenever possible.

Be Kind - Say Something Nice! - Date 06/01/2020

If there was ever a moment to pick-up the phone and call someone just to tell them how much you care, then #SaySomethingNiceDay is that moment!