News and Updates

Travel the World - Virtually - Date 05/22/2020

Up for trying something new? Then get comfy on your couch and enjoy a virtual visit to some of the most beautiful national parks in the country. All courtesy of the Google Arts & Culture exhibit!

World Bee Day - Date 05/20/2020

As cute as they can bee, flowers are also a great food source for the bumblebee, and our colorful grounds have plenty of them!

Relax at Home - Date 05/14/2020

Having a moment to yourself is just as important as sharing your joys with friends and family. Luckily, our elegant bathrooms with soaking tubs let you simulate a day at the spa any time you want!

Eat Local - Date 05/12/2020

So many restaurants and cafes are offering takeout or delivery during these trying times, and we are deeply grateful for each one of them!

It's Catnap Time! - Date 05/07/2020

Did you know cats can sleep more than 12 hours a day? It’s all part of their secret plan to take over the world one nap at a time!

Smoke-Free Living - Date 05/05/2020

Who doesn’t like a breath of fresh air? On our smoke-free grounds, all you have to do is open a window or step out on the balcony for a moment to enjoy it!

Decor Ideas - Date 04/30/2020

at Cypress Point, Ventura, 93003

A cute end table, a chic lamp, a warm blanket, and voila – your dream bedroom is ready to help you get a full night’s sleep!

Eat Local - Date 04/27/2020

at Cypress Point, Ventura, CA

Looking for a cool lunch spot? No worries, our excellent address puts you minutes from plenty of local eateries, including the gorgeous Austen’s Restaurant.

Fine Dining at Home - Date 04/22/2020

at Cypress Point, Ventura, CA, 93003

Every little bit matters – From planting a mini garden on your patio to unplugging your electronics for an hour, we can all play a part in making Mother Earth happier!

Fine Dining at Home - Date 04/20/2020

at Cypress Point, California, 93003

At Cypress Point every meal feels like a gourmet experience thanks to the cozy dining area available in every home!