News and Updates

Pasta Time! - Date 09/24/2020

Craving some delicious carbonara? Just mix a few simple ingredients like pasta, eggs, bacon & parmesan, and lunch is ready

Go Green! - Date 09/22/2020

Going a whole day without using your vehicle might sound daunting, but when you realize how well-connected your Cypress Point home is, you’ll have no trouble saying yes to a #carfreeday!

Cheeseburger Day! - Date 09/18/2020

Cheeseburger Day happens once a year, but The Habit Burger Grill is always ready to satisfy your cravings. Order your favorite to celebrate in style!

A Walk In The Park! - Date 09/15/2020

Sometimes all it takes to unwind is a quiet walk in the park. Luckily, at Cypress Point, you have a lush garden setting to stroll through any time you want!

Life with Pets - Date 09/10/2020

A treat for a cuddle or a cuddle for a treat. No matter how you look at it, giving your furry friend a delicious snack is worth it. And, with Protein for Pets only 5 minutes away, it’s also a breeze to get them!

Labor Day Weekend - Date 09/07/2020

Hope you all had a nice & relaxing Labor Day Weekend and took a break from the day-to-day activities for some quality time with your loved ones!

Open Layouts - Date 09/04/2020

An open-concept layout doesn’t just allow for a great flow. It also means you can have friends over and prepare some delicious snacks for them without missing any of the fun!

Chat With Us! - Date 09/02/2020

We know not everyone likes talking on the phone, which is why you can also text and chat with us from the comfort of your home!

Time To Relax - Date 08/28/2020

Relaxing evenings come easy when you have BBQ stations and picnic areas scattered throughout the community to help you unwind!

Beach Time! - Date 08/25/2020

The crashing waves and sandy shores of McGrath State Beach are ready to soothe the soul of any nature lover. Bonus, they are only minutes away from Cypress Point.