News and Updates

Outdoor Fun - Date 04/07/2020

at Cypress Point, Ventura, California

The sun is shining more, and our playground can’t wait to be brightened up even more by the joy and laughter of our younger residents!

Arroyo Verde Park - Date 04/01/2020

at Cypress Point, Ventura, 93003

It’s no April Fool’s Day prank: living at Cypress Point means being only a short, 5-minute drive from Arroyo Verde Park and all its beautiful hiking trails.

Decor Ideas - Date 03/31/2020

at Cypress Point, Ventura, California

Some throw pillows here, a pot of flowers there, and your living room is ready to entertain! What’s your favorite item for a cozy living room?

Think Green - Date 03/26/2020

at Cypress Point, Ventura, 93003

Ditch the plastic containers and upcycle your jars! From storing supplies to cute vases, the only limit to their versatility is your imagination!

On-Site Laundry - Date 03/24/2020

at Cypress Point, Ventura, CA

Laundry might not be our favorite pastime, but it sure is nice to have on-site laundry facilities to make it less tedious!

Cat-Friendly Homes in Ventura - Date 03/20/2020

at Cypress Point, Ventura, CA, 93003

Masters of hiding in teeny-tiny spaces and experts in purring, cats are without a doubt both intriguing creatures and fun companions!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! - Date 03/17/2020

at Cypress Point, Ventura, CA

It’s time to put on your favorite green outfit and make sure the leprechauns don’t get you – Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! - Date 03/14/2020

at Cypress Point, California

Irish jigs, fun balloons, and lots of cheery good vibes will be waiting at the 32nd County Ventura St. Patrick’s Day Parade! Are you in for the fun?

Easy Living at Cypress Point - Date 03/10/2020

at Cypress Point, Ventura

It might not be summer yet, but our lush garden setting has the perfect backdrop for a stroll, and maybe even a photo worth sharing!

World Book Day - Date 03/05/2020

at Cypress Point, Ventura, California

We all have that one book we started but never finished – And since there’s no time like the present, why not try to finish it on #WorldBookDay!